Top 5 Newly-Opened Restaurants in Mumbai

What does it mean when a new restaurant opens? Like what do you think? We would think about the food, and the ambience of course because Instagram is important! But what is annoying is all your friends and loved ones visiting the restaurant before you and then raving about it all the time! Well, don’t worry because here is your chance to do so before anyone else you know, or take them along lol!

We at Things2do are here to help you with this guide to Mumbai’s newest and best restaurants that you should definitely try out on your next outing with your friends or family or your loved ones. Enjoy the delicious variety of cuisines and the amazing vibes that they have to offer which will definitely leave you wanting more and ensure you keep coming back! Bon Appetit!

1Praia Bar & Kitchen, Worli

Going to Greece and relaxing on its pristine beaches and picturesque coastlines while munching on the local cuisine is the dream for most of us over here. Or maybe you just miss Greece from your last trip and long to have a similar experience. Praia Bar & Kitchen, Worli, is the latest restaurant to offer you that Greek vibe you have been longing for. 

A beautiful rooftop restaurant with amazing views that recreates the vibe of a typical bar in Mykonos, which is exactly what its founders aimed for, serving some amazing dishes like Peruvian Spiced Chicken, Katsu Curry Pizza, and fusion drinks like Living the Life which is a fusion of coffee and cranberry. And this place is an evening-only restaurant, making the vibes here all the more exclusive! The calmest haven on one of the city’s busiest streets beckons you for the cosiest evening ever!

Cost for two (approx): Rs. 2000/-

2Kind, Bandra

A café that seems to stay true to its name, Kind, Bandra, serves food that will actually feel like it has touched your soul on a deeper level. A place that is perfect for every occasion, its ambience has been designed in such a way, with so much greenery around you, that you would feel the utmost calm and a break from the noisy environment around. Food that is not only delicious in nature, it also helps you take care of yourself in the best ways possible from a wide range of salads, warm bowls, and chickpea chiller. It is the very definition of heaven if you love healthy food but do not like to compromise on the taste!

Cost for two (approx): Rs. 1000/-

3Isvara, Khar

If Poco Loco is your favourite place for Mexican cuisine then you should not miss out on their latest venture, Isvara, Khar. Quite possibly one of the cosiest open-air cafés in Mumbai, the Sicilian ambience and the lighting in itself is enough to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. 

The food…ahhh…absolutely no words to describe how scrumptious, not to mention healthy, nearly everything on the menu there is from a Healthy Chicken Buddha Bowl to the delectable mezze platters to the Perch Pearl with Cranberry Tea. After all of this, we are sure that Isvara is an experience everyone needs to have!

Cost for two (approx): Rs. 1000/-

4Bustle, Borivali

A luxurious ambience in the middle of one of the busiest suburbs in Mumbai, Bustle, Borivali, offers some of the most delicious cocktails and global cuisines you could ever have. But wait! There is a twist….it is all vegetarian! Its owner Sunny Rachwani wanted to do something that only a handful of restaurants actually do with amazing dishes and drinks like Mushroom and Truffle Oil Flatbread, Chettinad Jackfruit Tacos, and cocktails like their signature Casaba. 

It is literally an all-ages type of place where nearly every age group can achieve the type of evening they are looking for whether it be a dedicated lounge area or a dance zone. From Indian to Lebanese to Thai to Japanese to Mexican, this restaurant is the embodiment of the fact that vegetarian food in the aforementioned cuisines can be equally delicious! We go there for the amazing vibes which is, after all, the most important thing.

Cost for two (approx): Rs. 1100/-

5Bombay Brasserie, Colaba

It is local cuisine from all over India, but not in the way you are thinking of. That is what Bombay Brasserie does, it provides a progressive turn on local foods in a fine dining-style setup like the Kashmiri Naan Kebab, Aam Panna, and Rajasthani Samosa Chaat. Whatever food arrives in front of you, it will feel like you are instantly being transported to the small bylanes of the local khaugali (food street) in any city or town in any part of the country. 

The vibe of this place is bound to be a hit among Mumbai’s art lovers, starting from the restaurant’s location in a 1930s art deco building all the way to the numerous artworks and installations on display on nearly every surface of the place. In a part of Mumbai that has quickly become Westernised, it is refreshing to see Indian culture and cuisine so beautifully preserved.

Cost for two (approx): Rs. 1800/- 

Food is the joy of our lives and compromising on it in any way is a strict no! That is exactly why we at Things2do have compiled this guide to new restaurants you should visit. Each of them has something different and unique to offer, not to mention they would serve as perfect backgrounds for your Instagram posts. Drink, dance, eat, or just relax, there is everything for everyone. Have a great evening! For more interesting content, follow us on Instagram @things2doinmumbai and on our website

Picture Credits- Zomato & Instagram

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