Places to Visit in Mumbai with Khan Stories

I was born and brought up in Mumbai but for over 20 years, I didn’t even know what it was truly like to be a ‘Mumbaikar’.

Earlier I had never gotten the chance to embrace the city fully, but when I stepped out and decided to delve into its aesthetics of it, Mumbai welcomed me with open arms.

So like any other lover I wanted to express and proclaim my love for the city. Although words were never my cup of tea, with the help of my Oneplus 5T, photography and videography became my love language.

Initially posting the aesthetics of Mumbai on my Instagram handle was a sheer way of documenting my affection for it but later as my audience grew I soon realized that I had become a ‘perspective’, my videos and photographs weren’t just my mementoes anymore, they were now the metaphor of my dream city for my followers. My audience traveled the city through my lens. After Instagram updated the ‘reel’ option and I updated to iPhone 12 I was able to summarize the smiles, the structure of the city, the sunsets, and the surreal pride of being a Mumbaikar in 30 seconds. Even though my reach on social media has grown, I have stayed true to my authenticity and style which makes my visuals of the city stand out.

The more I explored the city, the more I was assured that what makes Mumbai, the city of dreams – is the dreamers themselves. Mumbai is because of Mumbaikars.

You can find these dreamers roaming the narrow lanes of the city, hustling through the bustle of the city, searching for a purpose among the opportunities in the city but few places have their own distinctive aura and when you visit these places, you just lose yourself in its vibe. 

Here are my recommendations for a few places in Mumbai that everyone must visit— 

1Marine Drive


‘Mumbai aaye aur Marine drive pe baithke masala chai nahi piye toh kya hi Mumbai aaye.’ If Mumbai was a person, Marine drive would be its heart. From jaw-dropping sunsets to fun-filled Sunday mornings, from jamming to old Bollywood songs with your high school gang to quiet evenings with your sweetheart, Marine Drive is THE place to experience it all.

2Chor Bazaar

chor bazar shop

Widely misunderstood like most of us, Chor Bazaar certainly has to be the most eclectic place a person can visit in Mumbai. The flea market has shops selling aesthetic antiques and artifacts lined up in narrow lanes of Bhendi Bazaar, South Bombay. You can also find vintage accessories and clothing here. The best time to visit Chor Bazaar in Mumbai is early in the morning. 

3Versova Beach

versova beach

All Mumbai beaches have some emotions linked to them but Versova beach has to be the perfect coast for a sundowner beach date. With clean sand, clear skies, and soothing waves; it’s the best shore to enjoy good food and beverages on a beach mat with the company of your choice. Take your date up the notch by playing ‘ishq-wale’ songs on your shared earphones while viewing the perfect sunset in Mumbai. 

4Gateway of India

gateway of india

Gateway of India is the top spot for every Mumbai tour guide but it’s worth all the hype. The heritage and history of old-school Bombay are showcased in all its glory along with a sense of pride in being Indian. One may find themselves feeling a little touristy amongst all the other tourists visiting the place, but you wouldn’t want to miss the feel of that. You can enjoy the seaside historic structure and get yourself clicked by the photographers eager to take a snap of you, for your memories and their livelihood.

5Worli Koliwada

worli koliwada

To have a less-known perspective of the famous Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Worli Koliwada must be visited. It gives an underside view of the Mumbai Sea link with waves crashing on the sharp stones and breathtaking sunsets. One will be welcomed lovingly by the Koli community that has been residing there for generations. It’s a great experience to dive into the Mumbai fishing community’s lifestyle and culture.

Mumbai is a city of dreams and every part and person of Mumbai makes it that! I can’t be sure of whether I fell in love with the city while finding what I love to do or vice versa, but I can be sure that I will be exploring a lot more of Mumbai through my lens.

Hope to bump into you someday, until then follow me on TheKhanStories on Instagram.

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